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You always have options!

When people ask us why we decided to pursue a career in veterinary medicine, the initial answer tends to be “I love animals and I love being able to help them.”

Thinking of doing an equine internship?

Historically equine internships in Kentucky have been the go-to place for Irish graduate and we have represented ourselves very well over there.

World Mental Health Day

Today on World Mental Health Day we want to share some resources and some messages of support and encouragement.

Vets get Physical 1st – 31st October

October can be one of the most challenging months of the year for people. The sudden plunge into darkness coupled with reacclimatising to the cold can make it just a little miserable.
Isolation and lack of exercise can contribute to poor mental health so with that in mind we are launching our new #vetsgetphysical campaign for the month of October.

Farm Vet Essentials

Farm animal veterinary can be so unpredictable and, when your starting out, this aspect of the job can bring a lot of mixed emotions. All you can do is be prepared and organized so that whatever comes your way you have the equipment and medication to deal with it.