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Vet Space Ireland was created by Michelle Maguire and Hazell Mullins to promote learning and positivity within the veterinary world. Both share a passion for all things veterinary, wellbeing and keeping up to date with veterinary current affairs in Ireland.

Happy Easter 🐣

Have a wonderfully indulgent day 🤗

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The Up & Downs of Spring!

Catch Hazell's Spring 2021 update over on the Vet Space Journal today 🧡

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Good news day 🥳

Everyone could use something to look forward to and we are delighted to share our new project The Vet Hike Space!

As soon as restrictions allow, we will be launching dates and locations for The Vet Hike Space. It is intended to be a safe, social way to catch up and engage for all Veterinary Professionals.

We can't wait to meet you all, to see old friends and make some new ones too!

Let us know in the comments if you know of good walking/hiking locations that you think we should add to the list 🤗

Watch this Vet Space for further details 😉

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“Pressure is for tyres” – a good life lesson with a wonderful story behind it.

Our latest episode of the @vetspaceireland podcast features the wonderful @normabrady who is an area technical and marketing manager for Zoetis. This title is impressive but that’s only a fraction of Norma’s story, wow her veterinary journey is incredible.

It’s a whirlwind of an episode, so tune in and hang on! As always lots of laughs along the way but we touch on more serious topics too. Norma had a bank of wonderful stories, we needed those belly laughs!!

Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a comment/ review. We are loving recording these podcasts and love your feedback.

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Happy St. Patricks Day ☘

We hope the sun is shining wherever you are ☀️

Don't forget Green is the colour of hope ☘

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Happy International Women's Day 🧡

✔To all the amazing women out there killing it and leading the way.
✔To all the women out there unsure of the way, you are capable, brave and awesome.
✔To all the girls becoming women, you can be or do anything you wish.

It is up to us all, to live our dreams 🧡

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What a day to lift the spirits ☀️

Sunshine and a blue sky, sure is medicine for the soul.
We hope you had a chance to get out and about and soak up some rays today 🧡

Sunny Sundays

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Happy Friday 😊

In the hope that you get some me time this weekend – here are some of the books recommended yesterday on world book day.

Have a great weekend 🤗

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The latest episode of the @vetspaceireland podcast is one for all the small animal enthusiasts but also for any pet owner that wonders about their pet and a cancer diagnosis.🐶🐾🐱

We are delighted to be joined by Rhode Island native, Dr Amy Koterbay MS, DACVIM (Oncology) who is an Assistant Professor and Head of Medical Oncology at @ucdvetmed AKA @onco_vet.

We talk about the advancements in veterinary oncology, studying abroad and Amy’s love for our Emerald Isle, travel and baking treats for all the UCD residents!! ❤️🤩#actsofkindness

Hope you enjoy this insightful episode into the world of a veterinary oncologist.

Available on all platforms now 😊😊#vetspaceireland #vetspacepodcast #vetoncology #veterinaryoncology #oncovet #ucdvethospital #ucdvetmed #vetpodcast

Calf selfies = medicine for “Burn out”.

This week really taught me that I need to start listening to my body more. My job in spring is pretty hectic and I do actually love the buzz of it! But.. this year certificate assignments looming in the background, varies committee obligations and house planning joys!!

It all got too much and my body literally gave up on Wednesday last and it wasn’t ideal on a busy spring day. It was a wake up call for me to try and use my free time as “me time”. I asked for an extension on my assignments (first time ever), said no to take-overs/zoom calls and reached out to friends for support.

I’m writing this post to spread the message that just because it’s spring it doesn’t mean our bodies are machines.. listen to them!! Ask for help, say no when necessary and mind yourself.

I’m off for a posh coffee and walk the doggies #perfectweekend

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The Vet Space Ireland podcast, hosted by Michelle and Hazell, discusses positivity, learning and all current affairs in the veterinary world.  

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Tune in!


The Vet Space Ireland podcast, hosted by Michelle and Hazell, discusses positivity, learning and all current affairs in the veterinary world.  

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