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Vet Space Ireland was created by Michelle Maguire and Hazell Mullins to promote learning and positivity within the veterinary world. Both share a passion for all things veterinary, wellbeing and keeping up to date with veterinary current affairs in Ireland.

Here's a cows heart v's a human heart ❤

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Join us this week for episode 2 of series 3 of the @vetspaceireland podcast with our special guest dairy and beef herd performance consultant Martin Kavanagh. He is also a master cow signals trainers with cow solutions and has helped to introduce the concept to Irish farms.

This is a podcast that I everyone will benefit from listening too not just large animal vets, Martin kindly gives us nuggets of wisdom that will have you reaching for the pen just like we did.

Sit back and enjoy his fascinating story and don’t forget to tag us in your stories whilst listening 🤩🤩

The production of this podcast is kindly sponsored by Vetsave.

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Don't forget to register for the upcoming webinars – the link is available in our stories now!

Each webinar will have a number of speakers covering everything from emerging diseases, the human cost of AMR, and much more!

For a full update catch our last episode of the Vet Space Podcast – where Michelle & Caroline discuss their own personal challenges with multi-drug resistant infection!

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We have teamed up with the Dept. Of Agriculture to talk about their upcoming campaign, Animal Health & Antimicrobial Resistance Awareness Week 2021 beginning 18th November.

We chatted with Damien from surveillance and Caroline from AMR department about their upcoming week of webinars starting next week.

A fascinating lineup of speakers covering everything from the human cost of AMR, emerging diseases, and much more! Not to be missed.

Listen now where ever you get your podcasts! Don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode and tell a friend – that really helps us out!

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What can we say.. @meta.osborne was the perfect guest to kick start season 3 of the vetspace Ireland podcast.

Meta has an amazing story to tell, this podcast is a little snippet of that story. Her particular interest is in equine reproduction and she runs a stud farm.
She is also a former Senior Steward of the Turf Club and and is a board member of Horse Racing Ireland. She is a past President of the Irish Veterinary Association and of the Veterinary Council of Ireland. She’s currently undertaking a very interesting masters in animal welfare with the university of Edinburgh.

We talk about all about her love of racing, her love of fashion and her new depop account venture ❤️

A must listen for everyone. Thanks to @lloydandcowan for kindly sponsoring the production of this podcast.

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We are beside ourselves with excitement looking forward to attending London Vet Show 2021!

Let us know if we will see you there in the comments 🤗

Can't make it this year- don't worry we will bring you along with us 😉

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Sneak peak of our new beanies coming next week 🥳- Michelle's wearing her new fav colour teal here!

What do we think of the teal?

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The Vet Space Ireland podcast, hosted by Michelle and Hazell, discusses positivity, learning and all current affairs in the veterinary world.  

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Tune in!


The Vet Space Ireland podcast, hosted by Michelle and Hazell, discusses positivity, learning and all current affairs in the veterinary world.  

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