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Vet Space Ireland was created by Michelle Maguire and Hazell Mullins to promote learning and positivity within the veterinary world. Both share a passion for all things veterinary, wellbeing and keeping up to date with veterinary current affairs in Ireland.

The survey from the VCI on mental health in veterinary professionals in Ireland is open for two more weeks!

If you haven't already please take the time and take part in this survey. 🙏

There has been extensive research into the area of mental health in the veterinary profession in many other countries but we have never had research like this carried out in Ireland by a regulating body.

We know we need change, but we don't know enough to implement change.
Please, for yourself, your colleagues and the profession as a whole have your say, in this survey!
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Happy weekend ☀️🤗

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Just in case you are struggling through the week – here's a reminder of some wise words from Mairéad on our recent clinical podcast!

Have a great day 🤗

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Special Vet Support Ireland episode of the @vetspaceireland Podcast.

We were delighted to be joined by 3 of the incredible volunteers, Fiona McFarland, James Buick and Niamh Toner.

We discuss the amazing work they do for the vet community, who they are, how to contact them and what issues they can help. “There is no issue too small” – this is a reoccurring theme of the podcast.

If you ever felt/feel like you don’t know where to turn for help perhaps Vet Support Ireland is your answer. It’s a fantastic resource for us as a profession and it’s for the whole vet family.
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The lovely people from Vet Support Ireland have written on The Vet Space Journal today, sharing information about the service they provide.

They will also be joining us on The Vet Space Podcast later this month to tell you all about themselves and what they do.

You can find the article on our website , link in bio! 🧡

Important to know the supports that are available to all Veterinary Professionals 🤗


Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month 2021 🧡

Veterinary Nurses in Ireland are the most, undervalued, under paid and under utilised resource of the Veterinary practice today.

How can we change that and better support nurses?

Image from Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month on Facebook shared with permission.

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Fear Free- What is is all about!?

Now is your chance to find out, right here on the new addition @vetspaceireland podcast collection- “clinical bites”.

For our first episode we speak with the very knowledgeable Mairead Leahy from @arravets who is a certified “Fear Free” practitioner.

If you don’t know what a lick mat is you need to listen to this podcast. Mairead shares her best fear free tips and make sure you have a pen at hand as they are gold.

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This month @vetspaceireland and Vet support Ireland are joining forces to promote the amazing work carried out by these volunteers to help give non emergency advice to the Irish ☘️ veterinary community.

Stay tuned to our platforms this month where we will endeavour to promote this amazing service that we are lucky to have here in Ireland.

Whether you’re a Vet, Vet nurse or other member of Veterinary staff, our mission here @vetspaceireland is to raise awareness of any help that is available to us as a community ❤️

Check out their services on their website (link in bio) and how you get in touch via email to begin with.

PS – Happy Star Wars day.. (@michellelouisem is a Massive fan and loves this hashtag)

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This week we have none other than Eoin Ryan; UCD lecture on farm animal clinical studies, European Veterinary specialist in bovine health management, karaoke champion and an avid sword collector! (Yes ⚔️).

Tune in to the podcast to learn more and out Eoin’s fascinating veterinary journey and his many wise words of wisdom he so kindly shared with us.

Thank you @eoin6526 so much for been an amazing guest.

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World Veterinary Day 2021 🧡

To all the Vets, Vet nurses, student vets and nurses, you are amazing.

The dedication to your, patients health, reassuring your clients, educating and supporting each other, is second to none. 🙌

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We are looking forward to bringing the Veterinary community back together in a safe, fun and healthy way.

Watch this Vet Space 😉

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The Vet Space Ireland podcast, hosted by Michelle and Hazell, discusses positivity, learning and all current affairs in the veterinary world.  

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The Vet Space Ireland podcast, hosted by Michelle and Hazell, discusses positivity, learning and all current affairs in the veterinary world.  

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