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Vet Success 2022

Ireland first & only non-clinical veterinary conference. Vet Success will expand your mind and inspire you to be at your best.

The Vet Hike Space

The Vet Hike Space, Glengarra Woods, Sunday 18th July 2021

Vet Support Ireland – What is it?

So here we are after a year’s long hard gestation, ready to emerge from lockdown with the wobbly optimism of a new foal or perhaps the blind confusion of a neonate pup!
Much has been said and written about the trials of covid, lockdown and their attendant problems for our colleagues and clients alike.

A Spring of Ups and Downs

Well look at that in a blink of an eye it’s April, I honestly can’t believe another spring is coming to an end for me here in Cork. I know I have another slow 6 weeks ahead, but I feel like the worst is behind me now.

My first six months as a new grad Vet

I moved up to Newry to start working in a mixed practice in October 2020. Looking back, it was the perfect time for me to start – I had taken a break after graduating in June and was refreshed and excited to start my new chapter.

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