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Entertain. Inform. Engage. Inspire. 

Vet Space Ireland was created by Michelle Maguire and Hazell Mullins to promote learning and positivity within the veterinary world. Both share a passion for all things veterinary, wellbeing and keeping up to date with veterinary current affairs in Ireland.



At Vet Space Ireland, we understand that all veterinary professionals work in a busy and at times mentally, physically and emotionally challenging environment. As such, we want to do our little bit to try to lighten your day. The Vet Space podcast will discuss all the weird, wonderful and sometimes bizarre antics that go on in veterinary life. Our hope is simply to bring a smile to your face.


Along the way we will be talking to experts in their particular field in veterinary. Asking them how they achieved success, their top tips and how they manage their work life balance and maintain wellbeing. Also keep an eye out for Vet Space Ireland educational events.


Vet Space Ireland is intended to be a platform for all veterinary professionals to engage in a constructive and supporting way. The Vet Space Podcast will help you keep up to date with all that’s current and new in the industry. Engage and entertain also go hand in hand so stay tuned for Vet Space Ireland’s social events.


“means to excite, encourage, or breathe life into”. 

Mental health and wellbeing is something both Hazell and Michelle are very passion about. Vet Space Ireland’s main aim is to help inspire all veterinary professional’s to be their best, enjoy their work and most importantly look after themselves. Sometimes it really is the little things that help get you through the day. Vet Space wants to ensure that positive wellbeing is achievable for everyone, to advocate for appropriate and necessary work life balance and to offer support where we can.

Michelle Maguire

Michelle started her career as a Veterinary Nurse at Troytown Equine Hospital where she went on to be a neonatal ICU Nurse. Roles as a stud nurse in a foaling unit followed before she joined The Phoenix Equine Group where she continued with a focus on Equine internal medicine.

Michelle has also worked in mixed animal practice and as Territory Manager for a veterinary pharmaceutical company before taking up her current role as a Veterinary Business Consultant. Michelle has studied business management and leadership, media production, is a Fear Free certified veterinary professional and is currently working on a diploma in corporate wellness coaching. Her main areas of interest are companion animal anesthesia & analgesia, dermatology, antibiotic stewardship and calf health.  She is a self-professed space and science geek. By the sea is where she finds her soul.

She has a superhero side kick – Her cat Obi Wan Kenobi who features heavily on her Instagram story.

Hazell Mullins

Hazell is a proud graduate of Nottingham vet school. After graduating she returned to Ireland and began her career as a large animal vet in Killarney Veterinary Clinic. Hazell also worked for Glasslyn Veterinary clinic in Bandon and Abbeyville Veterinary Hospital in Cork City, before taking up her current role as Large Animal Clinical Director & Head of Communications for Highfield Veterinary. Hazell’s Dad, Anthony, is a dairy farmer so farming and agriculture is a huge part of her life. Her main areas of interest are calf health, preventative disease management, bovine surgery and medicine.  Outside of veterinary Hazell’s beloved greyhounds, polo, going to the gym and of course posh coffee play a vital role in her work life balance. vital role in her work life balance. Hazell has always been involved with veterinary clinical societies and is the current President of the Cork clinical society. Hazell is currently studying for her post grad certificate in food animal production at Edinburgh University. She also has a new puppy, Glen!

Social media has become a central part of Hazell’s career and she documents her day to day life in practice on her Instagram page. Vet Space Ireland and the podcast is the next step in this aspect of Hazell’s life.

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